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Principles and Goals

Grass Based:

Our animals are kept on pasture or in woodland paddocks that provides them with the following:

1.  Lush forage as part of their diet.

2.  A clean environment because we move them regularly.

3.  A fertile farm on which to roam enriched by manure.

4.  Rich soil because we don't plough it up to grow crops.

By providing the animals with superior living conditions, the farm produces a superior tasting product because of the delicious green grass and forage that they consume.  Everyone is happy.


Respecting the Physiological Distinctiveness of the Animals:

Our animals are provided with habitat that allows them to express themselves as nature intended. For example, our pigs get to use the plough on the end of their nose in the woodland to dig up roots and acorns.  Chickens get to scratch up the ground looking for grubs and worms.  Cattle and sheep are allowed to roam and forage just as they have done for centuries.  By honoring animals in this way, the animals have a better life. The end result of that better life is a healthier and more sustainable product.



Anyone is welcome to visit Brookhill Farm. Visiting showcases that what we say we do is what we do. You are welcome to check out the barns, pastures, woodland etc. We have nothing to hide. Most of the time someone is here; but, just occasionally, we are exceptionally busy.  Please call ahead if you plan to visit.


Beyond Organic:

Did you know that if you are registered organic that you can keep chickens in a large industrial chicken house with only a couple of small pens outside for the chickens to go out?  Most of those birds do not even venture outside as there are so many of them that they cannot find the small doors to the outside.

At Brookhill Farm, we choose not to be registered organic because we believe that we are way beyond what that label means in the agricultural industry today. Our chickens are only permanently inside during the winter (with plenty of space). We aim to improve that next year so that they can go outside all year round if they wish. Our pigs are kept in wooded glens.  Our cows do not eat grain and our sheep get as much pasture as they want.  Nothing at Brookhill farm will ever see a feedlot.

All of our pigs and chickens that get grain are fed non-GMO grain. We do not use hormones at all. We try never to use vaccines or antibiotics but if we have to to save a life with antibiotics we will remove that animal from our sales and sell through the conventional system.


Our Goals:

We aim to bring land healing with synergistically integrated methods to our farm so as to provide the best possible quality product to our customers which will provide us with a living to look after the farm and preserve it for future generations. The land that makes up Brookhill Farm is just five acres shy of the original Revolutionary War grant to George Rice.  It is our mission that this farm will remain as fertile and lovely as the day it was awarded to that military veteran.  Other families have owned this land through the years.  We are grateful for the opportunity to be its new stewards leaving the land better than we found it for the next generation of farmers.

We want our customers to be happy with the products that they purchase and the way it is produced on the farm.  We aim to improve quality every year through learning, customer suggestions, and observation of our animals.  Through customer interaction we hope to improve understanding of agriculture and food production in general so that people are informed as to how food is produced in different systems. We are not in the "conversion" business; we simply think people should be informed so they can make an informed choice.

Changes.March 26th, 2017

  Dear Friends,   Spring is upon us!  The gardeners and farmers are preparing for another season.  Lambing is in progress and calves are on the way all over Kentucky.  We wel

Market UPDATE for Saturday, January 7, 2017 January 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,   Tomorrow, Richard will be driving a Dark Gray 2007 Honda Pilot to FRIENDLY MARKET instead of the white freezer trailer.   10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Assorted Pork Products, Roasting

Back in stock!July 15th, 2016

Dear Friends,   We hope you are enjoying the summer and not sweltering too much in the humidity. So far this year we have managed to run out of stock for just about everything we have on the far

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