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We strive to find an equitable price for all concerned. All costs are taken in to account. Comparison shopping against retail is performed on a regular basis. We also shop within our region for "apples-to-apples" comparison and believe the price matrix is fair for everyone and competitive in the market place.

As a tri-state area farm, please know that all product is USDA inspected and available for sale in Kentucky, to our neighbors living in Indiana and Ohio as well as any other state if you can pick it up or can get us enough ordered in a buying group to make it worth delivery. We have sold as far as Michigan and Chicago in the past.


Note: All prices are based on CUT and PACKAGED weight. NOT hanging weight. This is based on bulk sales purchase of whole half or quarter (split half). If we have excess in the fall we may sell individual cuts but they will be priced according to the cut. By buying in bulk you save money as it helps us manage inventory .



FRESH FARM EGGS: $4.50/dozen (Wholesale Pricing available to shops and restaurants - please ask)

CHICKEN (Wholesale 10 + birds): $3.75/lb (avg. hen=4lbs. +/-)

CHICKEN (Retail): $4.50/lb

BEEF: $8.00/lb. (whole, half, or quarter)

Note: The average steer yields around 400  pounds of meat. All cuts are vacuum packed individually.

When ordering beef, please specify:                                              

Steer: Small or Large                                                                          

Share of Steer (whole half or quarter)


PORK: $6.50/lb. (whole or half)                                   

Note: The average hog yields somewhere between 150-180lbs of meat. All cuts vacuum packed individually. Additional charge for bacon or ham.

Quarter pig package: $300. (Includes bacon, ham or ham steaks, chops, roasts and sausage and other possible cuts).


LAMB: $10.00/lb. (whole or half only)                                            

Note: The average lamb yields 40lbs of meat. All cuts vacuum packed individually.


Turkey: We regret that Turkeys are not available this year due to our processor stopping doing them. We hope to find a new processor for next year and apologize for the inconvenience.

WHOLE COW GROUND BEEF: $8.00/lb (Retail price. Chefs call us for wholesale pricing).

All prices for meat are based on wholesale pre-ordering. Retail cuts or chickens sold individually will be priced individually if we have them in stock.                                                         

Be signed up to our newsletter for availability.


We accept cash, checks or credit cards. 

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