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Pastured Chickens

Broiler Chicken v. Stewing Hen

A broiler chicken is 'farmer speak' for a meat chicken.  This bird is suitable for grilling, roasting, broiling, or frying.  It differs from a 'stewing hen'.  Stewing hens are actually laying hens that no longer lay eggs.  Due to their age, the bird has thicker skin making it more desirable for broths, stews, or soup.  Our pasture raised broiler chickens are reared from May through October. We aim to provide you with some of the best tasting, most nutritious chicken available.

Roast Chicken (broiler chicken)
Chicken Soup (stewing hen)

Chicken tractors are specially made floorless pens that allow us to move the chickens to a new patch of ground each day. The birds are fed a diet of non-GMO grain and organic vitamins and minerals.  A good percentage of their food comes from the grass, grubs, and bugs while they enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Poultry manure helps us to build soil by fertilizing the ground and thus producing more grass for the animals to eat.  Rotational grazing is man's way of recreating the magnum opus of nature.  After the cattle have gone into another field, the chicken tractors will stretch across that paddock.  The additional droppings from the chicken further fertilize and "grow the topsoil" in the paddock before they move to greener grass.  As the chickens follow the cows, a harmonious process occurs that is never allowed to happen in factory farming.

The birds get fresh air and pasture each day, a huge difference to the conventionally reared confinement houses that resemble a concentration camp for birds.  No hormones or antibiotics are used; each bird is antibiotic and hormone free and humanely raised.

Chickens are available based on maturity rates from May to October. We try to maintain a first come, first served basis.  Otherwise, you may pre-order birds should your needs be greater.  Just call us!

Sign up for e-mail notifications!  Frozen broiler chickens and stewing hens may be available off season.  Please call ahead.

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