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Forest Ranged Pork

Pigs in the Woodland

Summertime at Brookhill Farm is when visitors will find little paddocks in the woods where the pigs run and forage. These pigs are growing up to be tasty pork. The difference is truly amazing. First, the pork will be much redder than you see in the supermarket. This is because pork is supposed to be a red meat. Our pigs get plenty of fresh air and exercise which helps develop their muscles.

The flavor of the meat is more pronounced due to their varied diet.  Quite a difference from the colorless, lackluster, and tasteless fare found in supermarkets with a spongy texture that signals factory raised pork to the discerning consumer.  Pork was marketed from 1987 as "the other white meat" as part of an ad campaign.  However, the USDA still classifies pork as a red meat.  The consumer should too!    

The pigs at Brookhill get moved regularly from paddock to paddock so they have fresh ground, acorns, nuts, grubs, weeds, and grasses along with a non-GMO grain feed to supplement their diet. Fresh water is always available and wallows to help the pigs keep cool are also part of the landscape. Our pigs get to live in a pig paradise, which is the way it should be.

Processing is done each Autumn at a USDA processor and is antibiotic and hormone free.  Pork can be purchased whole, half, or quarter.  Pre-ordering is appreciated.

Changes.March 26th, 2017

  Dear Friends,   Spring is upon us!  The gardeners and farmers are preparing for another season.  Lambing is in progress and calves are on the way all over Kentucky.  We wel

Market UPDATE for Saturday, January 7, 2017 January 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,   Tomorrow, Richard will be driving a Dark Gray 2007 Honda Pilot to FRIENDLY MARKET instead of the white freezer trailer.   10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Assorted Pork Products, Roasting

Back in stock!July 15th, 2016

Dear Friends,   We hope you are enjoying the summer and not sweltering too much in the humidity. So far this year we have managed to run out of stock for just about everything we have on the far

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