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Posted 3/27/2015 7:00pm by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,

Spring is here and the lambs are dropping on the ground already so for the next few months at Brookhill we can look forward to seeing them running and jumping and gettting fun out of life as only lambs can! 

As it is spring a few things we wanted to let you know about:

Whole Cow Ground Beef is back! I picked up a batch from the processor this afternoon and had some for supper. The colour, flavour and texture are everything you have come to expect from our signature item, delicious! I am bringing 100lbs with me to the friendly market in anticipation of some people stocking up after it being unavailable for 3 weeks (25lbs are already pre-ordered) - if you are in need of a large amount please email me before 8am tomorrow so I can stock up with extra if needed.

Embroidery: Tina has been busy designing and embroidering some Brookhill Farm Aprons which I will be bringing to market tomorrow. We already have 4 sold (one of which is headed for Louisiana), if you are interested in one or would like one with a custom design of your own then please let us know either at market or call/email. Our farm designs are $30 + tax for a small/medium or $40 + tax for a large. Custom designs will be priced depending on the amount of time and stitching required. Pictures can be seen on our website http://www.brookhillfarms.com/gallery 

Easter Hams: We had an enquiry about these so we had a few made. We have 4 very large hams (about 10-12lbs each) which are great for a large family get together. I will be picking up some smaller ones for those with a smaller family requirement next week and they should be available at next Saturdays market. These hams come from our Red Wattle heritage hogs that were forest ranged and of course, their feed was NON-GMO. 

Credit Cards: After being in business a year I finally broke down and ordered a card reader which should be here sometime next week. You may think it odd that I didn't get one before but if you knew my aversion to technology (4 years ago I didn't even own a cell phone) you might just forgive me. Of course typing this on a Mac computer gives me no excuse so we will be able to take cards in the near future. I think I am finally entering the 21st century! As a side note to this we are going to update the website to include ordering online, initially for larger orders but eventually to encompass individual cut orders as well. We will let you know when we get this completed.

NON-GMO Animal feeds: We started selling some chicken layer pellets and before we knew it we were selling chick rearing crumbles and pig feed too! From 2 sacks of chicken feed we are now getting several orders every month, some large, some small. If you have back yard chickens or hogs and are looking for NON-GMO feed at a reasonable price then we do have it available. We can handle larger orders too, including pallet loads. The feed is sold in 50lb sacks and by all accounts is working well for customers. The feed is checked for GMO's each batch that is brought in to the mill and we can provide certificates if required. We are very pleased with the quality of the feed and think you will be too!

SAVOUR THE SEASON: A Farm to Fork celebration in association with Slow Food Cincinnati is being held at Gorman Heritage Farm on May 2nd 2015. We are thrilled and honoured  to have been invited to take part in this culinary extravaganza! Along with some other "real food" farms in the tri-state area we will be teamed up with a chef who will showcase his or her talents with our products. We will let you have more details as we get them but save the date for a great day out! Details can be found at:  http://gormanfarm.org/product/savor/   

Once again we want to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support and custom, we do appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to seeing more of you during the year.



Richard and Tina.

Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


Posted 2/20/2015 8:18am by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,




The weather service has put out a warning for another winter storm which may involve either or all of the following: Snow, Sleet, Rain, Freezing rain, Ice, Windchill etc, etc... you get the picture.

It is our mission to always be at the Friendly Market on Saturdays come hell or high water but, with a warning like this it may be that we can't make it. If nothing happens (which is always possible with weather forecasts) then we will be there with bells on. However, if people want to be sure of getting food from us, the farm is open all day today (Friday) if you need anything. If the weather predicted does arrive and we can't make market then I will attempt to do a drop off day at the market during next week if there is demand for it. Call if you would like us to do this.

We will be doing a promotion over the next couple of weeks. The Breakfast Special: Buy a pound of breakfast sausage and a pound of bacon and receive a dozen eggs free! We are also opening up the order books for bulk and wholesale purchase orders. Our number is (859)-567-4858 if you need anything.

Please stay warm and safe this weekend!

Richard and Tina

Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


Posted 2/5/2015 8:10pm by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,

One month into 2015 and we are getting ready for calving, lambing and the first chicks arriving!

During the winter, we have been busy constructing 15 more chicken tractors for the extra chickens and turkeys to meet increased demand. We also purchased a new (to us) secondhand cattle trailer which we are converting into another "Egg Mobile". Our previous one was too small for the increased flock that we have now.  This one should be good to hold up to 200 laying hens during the summer nights. The hens have been laying well throughout the winter in our converted stables. Next winter, they will be housed in a High Tunnel greenhouse which we can then use in the summer for vegetables. 

Speaking of vegetables, we are currently planning this year's planting. Last year was just a test to see how well the vegetables sold; your response was great.  So, we are expanding them somewhat and also the selection. If you have any particular favourites that you would like for us to grow, please let us know! We also hope to have some starter plants available for those of you with your own gardens.  Tina is also looking at growing a small selection of perennial shrubs and plants to sell. All plants, be they vegetables or flowers, are grown organically here on the farm.

Forest Ranged Pork! We had a great response to the pork so far; some of you being kind enough to say it was the best that you had ever had. That is what we are aiming for here. We want our product to stand out from the usual. Most of our pork is now sold but we do have some in stock for the winter. Available from our stall at The Friendly Market on Saturdays or direct from the farm we can sell it in retail cuts or if you would like a package for your freezer we still have enough product to do a couple of larger packages at the wholesale price. Incidentally, we just got in a batch of Polish sausage as we hadn't done any in our previous processing.  If anyone would like to try some, we have it. We also now have loose Breakfast and Sweet Italian sausage for those who prefer it loose to links, sold in 1 lb. packages. The usual pork cuts are also available.

Now, we have eight (8) new young porkers in our run-in shed.  In another month or so, they will be headed outside to a new paddock in the woods.  More young porkers are scheduled to arrive and we hope to have enough for a year-round supply again. If you would like to order a whole, half or quarter pig for the freezer, please let us know.  It helps us to plan ahead. Pricing will be the same as last year.

Pasture Raised Chickens! We still have a number in the freezers available. Our wholesale deal of 10 chickens or more for $3.65/lb still stands. We have some going out soon and I don't know how long our current inventory will last so let us know if you would like some to avoid disappointment! The new chickens likely won't be ready until the middle of May/June and I know that we will be sold out of current inventory long before then. Sizes of 4-6 lbs. are available; there may be a couple available that weigh more than 6 lbs.

Grass Fed Beef! Without doubt our biggest seller has been our "Whole Cow" Ground Beef. We are thrilled that you like it so much! We are coming to an end of our beef inventory for roasts and steaks etc.  We are getting low on ground beef too. Because our beef is grass fed, we will not process an animal for regular cuts during the winter. There simply is not enough intramuscular fat (marbling) for it to be tender. However, we can do "Whole Cow" Ground Beef because the whole cow is ground up and therefore will be fine. We will be processing one soon and hopefully we will have it ready before we run out. 

If you would like to order beef for the freezer this year please get in touch with us.  We will have more available this year but it may be prudent to order ahead.  The demand is growing!  Pricing this year, unfortunately, has to go up. The beef prices at the livestock markets are so high now it would pay us to just send the animals in there at the current wholesale price. We try to find a price that is equitable to both the customer and us. As such, wholesale beef is now $8.00/lb (the same as the ground).  Honestly, we set the price way too low last year and making a profit is necessary or we won't be farming very long! When you consider that a standard feedlot fed, grain filled, chemically adulterated Chuck Roast at Kroger costs $7.50/lb it really isn't that much extra for a far superior product. We will also be doing some different packages for beef, details to be announced soon.

Pasture Raised Turkeys! Some of you may remember what a trial it was just to get our Turkeys processed last year. Judging by the feedback it was certainly worth it. We are thrilled that you liked them so much. We heard you! This year, we hope to to do more and also try some cut-up turkeys, turkey parts,  and ground turkey based on customer requests received. 

If you would like a Turkey for Thanksgiving, we cannot stress this enough - PLEASE ORDER EARLY! Preferably by the end of June if you want to be sure of a Thanksgiving bird.

We hate having to turn away customers and though we produced way more Turkeys than we had orders for last year, we still ended up turning away at least 30 customers by Thanksgiving! We also supplied "Butcher Betties" at The Friendly Market with 40 turkeys and Allison (the owner) told me she could have sold a lot more than she did. We will be producing more this year but to ensure a  a great tasting bird - please help us and yourselves by ordering early. Our order book is open as of now, please tell your friends!

Eggs! Because of demand we went from 24 hens to 130 in a year! We are now producing about 90 eggs per day, these were selling faster than we could produce them but we now have a small overflow as production has increased. If you haven't tried our eggs yet, please do. We think you won't find a better egg anywhere and we know that you certainly won't buy one in a supermarket that is better than ours! With so called "Organic" "Cage Free" eggs in the supermarket costing $4.50-$6.00/dozen, why would you buy them there when you can get the real thing for $4.00/dozen from us? You can also buy our eggs from Bean Haus Bakery and Cafe in The Friendly Market and if you know of a store or restaurant that needs real Free Range Eggs then please let them know about us as production will only go up when we get the hens back out on grass.

Grass Fed Lamb! One of the great things about farming is that you always learn something new every year. I should have figured it out sooner but having only produced lamb with a creep feed of grain in the past I hadn't allowed for the extra time it would take to produce a lamb ready for processing. Consequently, some of our lamb was a little late this year. We only had a few to sell but they seem to have been a hit! We have a few retail cuts left in inventory. We may have a couple of lambs available for the spring but after that we won't have any ready until late fall this year. We are not taking orders for lamb until we have completed lambing. Once that is done and we know what we have we will open the order book for lamb. The good news is that we have increased the flock and ought to have plenty to go around unless demand is way higher than we anticipate.

Our first year on the farm was, in general, a great success. We didn't get everything right and   had a steep learning curve in some cases! We thank you for your patience and understanding when things didn't go quite according to plan. For the most part though, we had a great year, produced some excellent products, gave some animals a happy life, helped grow some topsoil and made some earthworms do a happy dance! More importantly we got the privilege to meet and serve you our customers. Without you this farm would not exist and we thank you all daily for your patronage and friendship.



Richard and Tina

Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


Posted 12/18/2014 6:40pm by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,

Brookhill Farm is celebrating its second Christmas in operation thanks to your patronage and belief in beyond organic and sustainable grass farming! We bought this farm just 12 days before we absolutely had to move from our rented home in Oregonia, Ohio that served as home base while we searched for a farm in Kentucky. Being in America just a few months many of the farms that seemed promising went off the market or didn’t meet our ‘naked eye’ evaluation once here. My wife had been to this farm a few months before. One look at the bridge and curving driveway and she called the realtor and canceled the showing. Tina turned around and flew back to Canada.

Then, our current realtor and good friend, Jerry Smith, asked us to look at “one more farm”. It was on the market but taken off and just added back. He wanted us in the area and this was his last opportunity to make that happen. We arrived at the farm and I just looked at my wife. She grinned but said nothing. Once up the hill, both of us came to a new understanding. This was where we needed to be whether my wife was crazy about the bridge…or not! Brookhill Farm was born: the hill farm bordered by a rock laden brook scooped out by the hand of God.

Cattle were the first to the farm followed by a beautiful flock of sheep. A trip to buy a trailer one day brought another pleasant surprise. While passing a farm with a sign “Donkey for Sale”, Richard had the pleasure of meeting a 14-month old with gorgeous brown eyes and a spunky disposition. She keeps the flock in line and earned the name of Houston from our Uncle Tom. One look at her and he said, “Houston, we have a problem!” Another livestock trip for a milk cow was our introduction to Emma, the Jersey who thinks she is a dog. Then, we bought a bull: Winston Churchhill (you guessed it…good old Uncle Tom strikes again!). Little by little, the Brookhill family grew.

Later in the Spring, the piglets came. Chickens were added as heritage laying hens could be located. Broiler hens dotted the pasture in specially made chicken tractors and our first egg mobile was constructed out of a used cattle trailer and the engineering genius of Jimmy and Richard. A pig paradise was sectioned off in the woodland and the maturing piglets were set loose in the woods to forage and become hogs.

The garden was seeded in mid-April and we enjoyed a longer than usual season of produce with the aide of Jimmy’s wife, Melinda helping Tina with herbs, strawberries, melons, and heirloom vegetables such as ornamental fringe and Scotch curly kale, tomatoes, squash, cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, and leeks among others. Compost bins were constructed and the stage is set for another season using rich organic compost to fertilize the now dormant ground. Spring 2015 also brings a greenhouse to the farm. Be looking for news on greenhouse offerings.

While the season is drawing to a close, items are still available for on-farm pickup or on Saturday at the Friendly Market in Florence, Kentucky. Pastured chicken, pastured turkey,whole cow ground beef, assorted sausages, and select cuts of beef and pork are available as supplies last. Egg production is booming despite the weather change to accommodate growing customer requests from our 130 lovely ladies. Richard is at the Friendly Market from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each Saturday until April when longer hours will be posted for Spring/Summer 2015.

Richard and Tina have taken the season close as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning on their own systems. Introduced to an organic and GMO free cleanse with Purium Products, the farmer and his wife feel energized, healthier, and coming into 2015 much lighter. Our quest for improved health affords us the energy to fulfill our life’s mission to provide the best nutrient dense food possible using beyond organic and sustainable methods. We are doing another cleanse in January 2015. If you’d like to join us in this time of renewal, please contact us. We would love to share a gift card with you and explain how Purium products complement the organic and sustainable lifestyle that our customers strive to achieve with each meal.

As the world slows down and prepares for slumber beneath the snow, we will take our rest in gratitude for the wonderful season that we’ve had, the friends that we’ve made, and the connections that enrich our lives. We’re both glad that we decided to stop for that “quick look” at this place. We can’t imagine leaving Brookhill now. And we hope that you continue to visit us at the Friendly Market; or, if you prefer, come on up the hill and see us. Thank you for believing in us. May you and yours fully embrace all the joys of the Season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Warm regards,

Richard and Tina Boutall 

Brookhill Farm LLC

4858 Highway 184

Ghent, Kentucky 41045

Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


Posted 11/22/2014 6:58pm by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,

Many of you have booked a Thanksgiving Turkey from us and we thank you for doing so. What you may not know how close we came to not having any. The original processing plant we chose was, to my mind, just too far away but we thought we couldn't process in Kentucky anywhere else. Eventually I was getting so worried about the logistics of processing 5 hours away from the farm and having to bring back all the birds on the same day that I picked up the phone and literally begged Marksbury to process for us. A sixth sense told me it just wouldn't work at the other processor. Fortunately they agreed though with a later date which left us with bigger birds, but at least the logistics of processing became possible. 

Then the poor weather came in and we didn't think we would get the birds done so we made a decision to get the 85 turkeys and 300 chickens packed up on Monday afternoon (instead of Tuesday morning at 4am) and drive down to Harrodsburg and stay the night to be sure of getting the birds processed on the Tuesday morning. It took 4 hours to get the birds in to crates and trailers in the snow and wind but we made it eventually, drove down to Harrodsburg that evening and the birds got processed the next morning.

The really odd part is that a couple of days later while picking up some beef and some of the Turkeys I found out that the other processing plant had a problem with their chiller and so the USDA decided to hold the turkeys processed that day. I don't know whether those birds were released or not but I am very glad I listened to my gut feeling and called Marksbury. The good Lord above was certainly looking after us in this instance.This year when we sit down to eat our Thanksgiving meal I will be thankful for many things but I will be very thankful that I listened to my instincts and made the decision I did or some of you might not have had the Turkey you were promised. 

Most of our Turkeys are now sold or being held in our freezers for collection in the next couple of days. We do however have a few larger birds still needing a home for Thanksgiving. If you or anyone you know is looking for a pasture raised Turkey then please give us a call, if we can save just one more family from eating a factory farmed, GMO fed, antibiotic filled, ill treated turkey it will be worth it. If any restaurants are looking for turkeys these birds are all USDA inspected and therefore legal to use in their establishments.

We have most of the beeves now processed and I am picking up 2 more on Monday morning for distribution to their buyers next week. Another one went in last week and will probably be the second to last one this year. 6 pigs also went in last week and 3 will be coming back next week, the remainder will wait until the bacon is cured. The last of the pigs will be going in on the 10th December along with  a few lambs and that will probably be the end of processing for 2014.

We know some of you have had to wait a little longer than we or you would have liked, we can only apologize and  promise to do better next year as we have learned a lot in our first year and we can be better organized in future. Your patience has been much appreciated. We had no idea how hard it was to get fall processing booked but we will be booking much further in advance next year. 

We hope to have a reasonable amount of inventory of beef, pork, and lamb, not to mention chicken for the winter. We have also bought in 90 pullets to cover the lean period for eggs during this winter time. You patronage has been so wonderful that we can't be certain to always have enough but we will try to keep inventory up as best we can and we will enlarge the flock if we have enough demand. As always, if you wish to see our products in a store or restaurant, please ask for them by name. We have Brookhill products in a Butchers shop (Butcher Betties of Florence) and a couple of restaurants now but we would love to supply many more.

We have a few plans for next year to make things run a little smoother. One of the big ones is to build a walk-in freezer so we have more room for inventory making booking with the processors much more flexible. Assuming we can find a good second hand one at the right price we hope to have it installed this winter ready for next spring. We also hope to build a small workshop so that our current tool shed attached to the barn can be converted in to a small on farm store. Time and money will decide if we can do this but it is certainly our hope to do so.

That ought to be more than enough for our news at this juncture. It only remains to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and say how thankful we at Brookhill Farm are for your patronage and support over the year.


Richard and Tina.

Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


Posted 8/21/2014 2:57pm by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,

As summer starts to slow down and fall peeks it's head around the corner we start to think about harvest at Brookhill. To be sure much has a while to go yet but harvest is soon to commence.

Next week 4 lambs and 1 beef will be processed for lucky customers first in line. We are also holding back a small portion of the meat for sale so those customers who may have been reluctant to buy in bulk initially get a chance to try some in smaller quantities. What will be available will only be available on a first come first serve basis and you will be alerted at the time when we know what we have for inventory. Purchases can be made at the farm or at our stall at The Friendly Market in Florence. Due to it's popularity I am also processing another beef animal for our Whole Cow Grass Fed Ground Beef. We are nearly sold out and we thank everyone who has been kind enough to buy some and has been so complimentary about the quality. We do our best to please and shall continue to do so.

I am assessing the hog situation at the moment to schedule some processing there too. I will be in touch in a couple of weeks or so with the first customers who have reserved pork to get their cutting requirements. More pigs are still available so let us know if you would like to place an order.

Eggs are doing great now we have more hens on the farm and for the first time ever I returned from market the other day with 2 dozen left over. It was a quiet Saturday so I don't imagine this will be the case every week. I am looking to get in more hens in the future as we have applied for our commercial egg licence and are already poised to supply one restaurant and are in talks about placing some eggs in to a few stores. We will be sure to keep you posted.

We have had another batch of chickens processed last week. They are available at the farm, at our stall at The Friendly Market or if you prefer them fresh, at Butcher Betties at The Friendly Market. We have three more batches for the rest of the year. 150 , 300 and 300. This may sound like a lot but 400 of these are already pre-ordered which leaves 350 left. Allowing for losses and cut up chickens we are down to 250. If you want to be sure of some chicken for the winter and have a freezer, and want to save some money - NOW is the time to reserve some chickens. Wholesale pricing on orders of 10 or more saves you a lot of money and 10 chickens really don't take up that much room in a chest freezer. We will not be doing any more chickens until next year after this so time is of the essence right now. 

Turkeys for Thanksgiving. We bought 100 Turkey poults this year and many of you have reserved one or two for which we thank you. There are a few more to be had before I close the book on them. They will be processed on the 18th November which will give you a little over a week to collect them from the farm, our stall or have them delivered (for a small fee). As they will be frozen you can reserve one and keep it frozen for Christmas if that is your meat of choice for the festive season.

Finally, for those of you who may keep your own chickens or any other animal in the back yard (or 40) we are pleased to be able to supply the same livestock feeds we feed to our own animals, to you. We have been working with Bagdad Roller Mills and have been impressed by the quality, service and integrity of this company. One or two customers have asked about our feeds so after consultation with the company we are happy to be able to supply it ourselves. We can supply in 50lb sacks only at the moment but this can range from 1 bag to pallet loads if you need that sort of quantity. NON-GMO Layer ration, Broiler feed and Hog Grower are usually always available but we can supply feed for most other animals and if you prefer regular over NON-GMO, we can get this for you too. Call at the number below for pricing or send us an email.

Before signing off we would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for your encouragement, help, word of mouth advertising and custom. We truly do appreciate it and are humbled by the wonderful response we have had. We vow to redouble our efforts to bring you the very best we can for the remainder of the year and in to the next one.



Richard and Tina

ps. We have quite a few tomatoes surplus to our own requirements from our garden right now. Many of them are heirlooms (German Queen and Mr Stripey) They are available at the farm (call ahead) or you can pick them up at our stall at The Friendly Market. $1 per pound regular. $2 per pound Heirloom. All our produce is grown organically.

Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


Posted 8/4/2014 5:34pm by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,

Summer is keeping us as busy as bees here at Brookhill. Providing you, our wonderful customers, with good food doesn't come without its challenges but we have managed to overcome a couple of them at least.

We now have Pastured Roasting Chickens back in stock! We are sorry they ran out but we truly had no idea that they would be as popular as they have been and we have increased orders for chicks in an attempt to make sure we will have plenty in future. As well as being available direct from us at the farm or our stall at The Friendly Market in Florence they are also sold at Butcher Betties inside the main building at The Friendly Market and they are often available on the menu at Stephensons Mill Tavern and Grill at Walton Kentucky. We are currently working on having them stocked in a couple of establishments in Louisville later in the year.

As before if you want to save money they are available at our wholesale price of $3.65/lb if you order 10 or more for your freezer. Quite a few customers are taking advantage of this as it really does save quite a bit over retail (around $30 for 10 on average).  If you wish to stock your freezer for winter (when we aren't producing them) please let us know soon so that we can order the chicks accordingly. I will be doing the final batch order for November processing late next week, after this I cannot guarantee any chickens. Those left over will be on a retail first come, first serve basis.

We also had some requests for cut up birds and are trying a few 8 piece packs at the market to see how well received they are. If these sell well we will incorporate them in to our sales on a more permanent basis.

EGGS! We have had real trouble getting production to match demand and when we bought in some chickens 2 months ago to "up" production, we bought in a "chicken cold" which dropped production from where it was. As you know we don't use antibiotics so finding a natural remedy that worked was difficult. Things are better now but demand still went up so I sourced some young birds from a young farmer who raised her chickens as we do but had to go to college this fall. These birds are pumping out eggs like there is no tomorrow and when Fall moult comes on we have some pullets I reared due to come in to lay to coincide with the drop in production so hopefully we will be able to keep you all supplied. 

Thank you so much for your patience during this time. We truly appreciate it and hope to have you back up to normal supply soon. Eggs can be picked up at the farm or The Friendly Market. If you come to the farm we have a little fridge under the picnic shelter so if we aren't in the yard you can pick up your eggs there. We left a money jar in the fridge and will use the "honor" system as long as it doesn't get abused. Price is still $3.50/doz. Plans for a proper farm shop are being discussed but this may not happen for a while yet as we are still very busy this summer. If you want to pick up chicken or beef, please call ahead.

Those of you who ordered lamb may soon be in for a treat and I will be contacting you individually regarding cuts as we have a few ready to go to the processor. We still have a few lambs available for later in the season if anyone wants to order some. Whole or half lambs are available and cut to your specifications. Price is $7.99/lb

Turkeys. We have 100 of them this year and we still have some left for Thanksgiving if you would like one. As with our chickens they are reared on NON-GMO grain and will soon be out of their brooders and on to the pasture. We are aiming for 16lb +/- birds and the price will be $3.50/lb. Let us know if you would prefer smaller or larger sizes when you order and we will do our best to ensure they are close to where you want them.

Beef and pork has sold well but there are still some available of both varieties. Let us know if you would like some and we will try to fill the orders. Pricing is available on the website under the "Sales" tab.

Our grass fed Whole Cow Ground Beef has been selling outstandingly at The Friendly Market. We sold 40lbs last Saturday! Consequently supply will dry up if I don't do something before long. Happily there is a animal that seems to be fattening enough that we may be able to process soon so hopefully we won't run out before then. For those of you who are "every week" repeat customers you may want to stock up for an extra week to be sure but I think we will be ok.

We have had a few individuals and families come to have a tour of the farm and we have enjoyed showing them around. If you would like a tour then please call ahead. We are still planning on having an open day but probably in late September or in to October when things are a little less hectic. 

We hope you are enjoying your summer and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


Posted 3/19/2014 5:09pm by Richard Boutall.

In farming circles it is generally known that if one has sheep on ones farm that lambing time is a mixture of hell on earth and heaven on earth. It is why every shepherd looks forward to lambing time more than anything else in the world and by the time he or she is half way through they can't wait for it to be over.

Even with our small flock this year those same emotions have run through me. We have had our success stories like the ewe that had triplets and is successfully nursing them all herself and our troubles like the ewe that had twins the other day and is still making it hard for them to suckle without me standing by to make sure that she does.

To be brief, lambing has it's ups and downs but in roller coaster proportions. For this year I was happy to stick with the 10 ewes that I bought a while ago until I saw some advertised the other day. The price was cheap, the ewes seemed fine and the bonus was that although there were only 10 lambs to go with them, they had already lambed and the owner needed them gone quickly. I was also greatly pleased that they were a grass fed flock and weren't used to being fed grain. Offers like that don't come up every day so I looked at them and bought them. We now have 20 ewes. 

Yesterday I had been to the feed store and picked up a salt block for them. All livestock need salt and sheep are no exception. When I placed the block in the pen I was blown away by what I saw. The sheep descended on the block like they hadn't had any in years! It was almost scary to watch and certainly the lack of it for a couple of days since I picked them up was not the cause. Take note gentle reader, no matter how much you look at something before you buy it, there will be something wrong if you don't check everything.

The good news is that the sheep are fine but this display made me fearful of other things that I may have missed. So I checked them over. Actually generally they were not too bad, I had already checked their teeth to age them and there coat and condition don't appear to be of any concern. I did check the lambs also though and found a problem.

The breed of sheep I bought in is called Katahdin which are a hair sheep. These sheep never have their tails docked as they are naturally parasite resistant and so don't need it. The lack of tail docking of the lambs therefore was not of a concern to me but I got complacent and forgot to check whether (forgive the unintended pun) the ram lambs had been castrated. Well, they hadn't and it is really too late to do it with a band so I will have to get them done in another month or so. It's not a big problem, but it does mean another job that really wasn't needed as it is so much quicker and kinder to the lambs to band them when they are a newborn.

Below is a couple of pictures of the new sheep.

Lambing time is nearly over here at the farm and I shall be glad when we are done. Soon the ewes and their lambs will be outside on the grass and we can delight in the lambs playing in the sun and getting fun out of life as only lambs can. We have 3 more ewes left to lamb and I pray that they don't give me the kind of trouble that number 81 has with her twins. 

Tomorrow the chickens are let out with the Eggmobile for the first time this year. I'll get some pictures and blog about that next week. Until then have a wonderful weekend and eat well!

Posted 2/24/2014 5:37pm by Richard Boutall.



After a long Winter, Brookhill Farm is seeing signs of Spring! Yes, Winter still has a small grip on us but some trees are showcasing buds, the grass is greening up, and -- calving began in earnest! Our first calf was born February 10, a little Angus heifer calf, which is doing great.  Since then, seven more are here with many more to come!

How wonderful to see such promise brought into the world with the arrival of Spring. Some ewes are starting to show signs of lambing soon.  We look forward to seeing those innocent eyes and wobbly legs out on the grass embracing life and having fun.  Lambs express this type of joy far better than humans ever could.

 In the last few months, the days were full of preparation for the coming season.  A livestock trailer conversion to an 'Egg Mobile' is complete allowing us to free range the hens behind the cows in Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Chicken tractors are ready for the broiler hens to move them daily to a fresh area of grass. 

Fencing plans are in play, forestry work accomplished, nest boxes built, and plans for much needed new buildings are underway. Many more projects that aid us in producing wholesome and nutritious food for you fill those days during this "quiet" season.


With Spring whipping around the corner, we are eager to welcome the chicks arriving and their rearing. This year, we are offering Cornish cross broilers. We are trying to keep it simple our first year at Brookhill Farm.  As our network grows, we hope to offer other varieties.  

The chickens are reared indoors until three weeks of age.  At three weeks, they are brought out via chicken tractors onto pasture. These units move daily granting the birds access to fresh grass, Nature's salad bar, and a clean living space.  The birds get to scratch through the grass, eat bugs and worms, and enjoy the sunshine. What a difference from the industrial model where the birds can barely move, breath, or see anything of the world!

We are offering these superior tasting chickens at the price of $3.65/lb. An average broiler will weigh about four (4) lbs. dressed. Space is limited in the chicken tractors so early booking is advised.  Plans for more chicken tractors next year will expand the number going forward.  As we grow, we will adjust our production from year to year.


Broiler Hen Availability:  

Mid-June, August, and October

We already have inquiries and orders.  To reserve your broiler chickens, please call or e-mail us.  Order early to avoid disappointment.  These are quite popular.


We encourage you to look through our site and review our offerings. Beef and Pork is available in whole, half, or quarters this Fall. If a quarter of Beef or Pork is too much for you or your family, please contact us.  We are keeping a list of those interested in a smaller share.  Someone may be able to split with you.  Also, feel free to contact a friend.  They may really appreciate your call and the opportunity to share in your grass-fed purchase.  

Bear in mind, quarters are sold as split halves.  A SPLIT HALF is half the front end and half of the back end making one quarter.  This ensures everyone gets a fair share of all cuts of meat.  

Pork is mostly available in the Fall.  However, we may have some hogs ready by late August for customers looking for smaller cuts.  

Beef is scheduled for harvest from October to November.

LAMB (July)

Lamb is a much smaller animal and is offered in whole or half only for that reason.  Lamb should be ready from July onward.  As with broiler hens we encourage early ordering to avoid disappointment.   

We are working on packages offering individual cuts of Beef, Pork, and Lamb as the volume increases.  An operation of that type requires more equipment and freezers.  However, if the demand is there, you will see this offered by Brookhill Farm.  For now, our offerings are limited to a share of the animal.

Remember, we have to make a profit to enable us  to continue to supply you with this wonderful food. (Smile.)



We strive to find an equitable price for all concerned.  All costs are taken in to account.  Comparison shopping against retail is performed on a regular basis.  We also shop within our region for apples-to-apples comparison and believe the price matrix is fair for everyone and competitive in the market place.

As a tri-state area farm, please know that all product is USDA inspected and available for sale in Kentucky and to our neighbours living in Indiana and Ohio.  



FARM FRESH EGGS: $3.50/dozen

CHICKEN: $3.65/lb (avg. hen = 4 lbs. +/-)

BEEF: $6.75/lb.  (Whole, half, split-half, or quarter) 

Note:  The average steer yields around 400-500 pounds of meat.  All cuts are vacuum packed individually.

When ordering beef, please specify:
Steer, Small or Large
Share of Steer (whole, half, or quarter) 


PORK: $6.50/lb. (whole, half, or quarter) 
Note:  The average hog yields somewhere between 110-150lbs of meat. All cuts are vacuum packed individually.


LAMB: $7.99/lb.  (whole or half only)
Note:  The average lamb yields 40 pounds of meat. All cuts vacuum packed individually.


TURKEY: $3.49/lb.
Note:  The average bird is 14 -18 lbs. Turkeys must be ordered by the end of June to ensure a bird by Thanksgiving.

GROUND BEEF: $6.99/lb.
Be signed up to our newsletter for availability.

At Brookhill Farm, we are pleased to have an open door policy. Our customers want to know where their food comes from and we are happy to oblige. If you would like to visit the farm, please call ahead. We would love to meet you and show you around. 

We will also be organizing one or two open days this summer with hay ride tours of the farm. Interaction with our customers is so important and we believe one of the greatest joys in farming is meeting customers and forming a relationship with them!

If you have questions, please call or email. We hope to see you on the farm soon!

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