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Posted 3/4/2016 7:14pm by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,

Spring is trying to peep it's head around the corner but hasn't quite succeeded yet. It is, however, getting time to order our first batch of chicks for rearing. We are ordering 300 for the first run and hopefully the processed birds will be ready for the middle of May. If anyone needs to get an order in early please let us know. We already have a couple of orders and anticipate the first batch to be pre-sold or close to it before we even get to processing. First come, first served so if you know you will need some, sooner rather than later will secure an order.

Pricing this year for chickens will remain the same with the wholesale birds (10 or more per order) being available at $3.75/lb. Retail is still $4.50/lb. We will be holding back 100 birds for cutting up as we know there will be a rush on boneless skinless breasts. If you need chickens right now we can still supply you but we are starting to run low on stock.

We have recently had great success with pork sales and we supplied 3 great restaurants in the Cincinnati area: Orchids at Palm Court, Maribelles and Wildflower. The response from the chefs was good and we already have repeat orders for the next batch of pigs. 

We did manage to keep some pork for you and sold a couple of large orders to customers and we have managed to restock our dwindling supplies for our retail market customers. We now have nearly all the pork cuts available back in stock (including bacon!). We also have enough to sell a couple of quarter pig packages if anyone wants them. We have 9 pigs still available in about 2 months time, if you are looking for a whole or half pig package. Call or email us for more details. 

There is a fundraiser for the Rabbit Hash historical society on Saturday March the 12th at Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices 18 North Fort Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY 41075.  All proceeds are going towards restoring the general store which was destroyed by fire recently. Brookhill Farm is delighted to be donating a pig for the Pig Roast. If you would like to support this event you can get tickets at:


Eggs: We have been in a state of constantly being sold out of eggs. Trying to find replacement chickens has been extremely difficult, however, never one to give up Richard has been watching the classifieds like a hawk and recently found two batches of newly laying pullets available. We now have 235 new birds recently installed at the farm. That will bring us close to 400 chickens. We are still on the lookout for more as we just received orders for 120 dozen per week from chefs and stores (details soon). We are hoping to be at about 600 hens by summer which should keep the cooler full of eggs for everyone. Thanks for all your patience while we have adjusted to the demand for these wonderful eggs!

Lamb: The lamb has been growing increasingly popular, particularly the ground lamb. We recently had some lambs processed and we should have enough in stock for a while. Also if you are looking for fresh lamb next week I will be taking a Brookhill Lamb up to Butcher Betties for a butchery demonstration. Please see Allison at Butcher Betties in the Friendly Market, Florence for more information. I believe she has a special guest known as the "Butcher Babe" from Food Network TV helping her out with the demo.

Chick Feed: As well as our own chick rearing efforts we know some of our customers like to rear some of their own chicks. Each spring and summer we supply a few of you with Non-Gmo chick starter/grower. If anyone is ready for it we just took delivery of 2 tons. Price is the same as last year which is $18/sack (sack = 50lbs). We still have layer pellets and crumble available for those who need it as well as pig grower pellets, scratch grain and rabbit food. All products are Non-Gmo and very competitively priced. If you need any feed brought to market on Saturdays please email us before hand as sometimes Richard has over half a ton to bring and he doesn't always have enough room to bring extras.

Retail: We have had a few inquiries to get Brookhill products in to some stores. A couple of items are now available at local stores. Pullet eggs are available at Bean Haus Cafe in Covington. Whole Cow Grass Fed Ground Beef is now available at Butcher Betties at the Friendly Market in Florence as well as our whole Chickens. In the very near future Brookhill Eggs will also be sold at Butcher Betties!

We are also working on selling to other retail establishments in Park Hills, Covington Dry Ridge, Union and Louisville. We will let you have more details if and when we get to supply establishments. Some retail establishments may be stocking from more than one supplier so if you want our product please remember to ask for it by name!

That should do it for this time. Thank you as always for your custom and support. We never forget that we wouldn't be operating without you!




Richard and Tina.

Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


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