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Bacon, Lamb, Pork, Chickens the Garden and Salsa.

Posted 7/31/2015 11:10am by Richard Boutall.

Dear Friends,

It has been a very wet and very humid summer so far. Consequently our garden has suffered
greatly. We will have some heirloom tomatoes coming to market on Saturday (the ones Tina hasn't eaten) and hopefully in the near future some Sugar Baby Watermelons, Green Beans, Onions, Corn and Potatoes. Luckily for us our main focus is on the animals and these have been doing very well this year!

Chickens: We have a good stock of chicken in right now so if you would like to take advantage of our wholesale deal or just buy one or two we have plenty of all sizes to choose from. We also have plenty of 8 piece chicken grill packs in stock which are great for the grill, frying or roasting/baking. For those with specific tastes we have lots of boneless skinless breasts as well as thighs, drumsticks and wing packs! For serious cooks and chefs we also have a large amount of neck and back packs for stock/soup making and we also have some liver and heart packs too.

Pork: We just had two pigs processed and have a great stock of chops (bone in and boneless), roasts, sausage (including a new stock of breakfast links), fat for rendering and bones for stock making. If anyone is thinking of smoking a big Boston Butt for a party we have a 17lb one in stock which should make a lot of good pulled pork! We also tried a new product this time and had some Ham Steaks made. These 1/2 inch thick steaks make a great quick supper and are packed with flavour! I'll have some with me on Saturday at market.

Lamb: We still have a few of these tasty lambs running around the field not yet reserved. If you would like to order one or a half one please get in touch. These lambs are Dorper hair sheep and have a tasty but milder flavour than regular lamb, they are also better muscled (more meat) than the Katahdins that most farmers offer. They are grass fed only and are far too good to be sold on the market only to end up in some stinky feedlot. These lambs should be ready be October/November time. Call or email me if you would like one or come and see me at market.

Salsa: A few of you have been enjoying the "Don Sabrosa" Salsa that we started stocking a while ago. This is about the only thing we stock that has no origination on the farm whatsoever but we stock it for a reason: It's THAT good! It is also made with Non-Gmo ingredients and is gluten free and is made in a dedicated facility. The man who makes it is a  good customer and a friend of ours and we are proud to stock this great product. If you haven't tried some yet, do. Richard is not generally a salsa fan but he loves this stuff!

Bacon: We saved the best for last! The problem with bacon is that there is only so much you can make off of one pig. It is also the most popular cut of the pig. When you have bacon as good as ours it runs out very quickly as many of you know! We just took in 50lbs from the 2 pigs we had processed. Some of this is already reserved to those of you who are so addicted to our delicious bacon that you asked us to save you some. There is however a good amount still available and I will have it with me on Saturday at market! I do not anticipate it lasting more than a couple of weeks, maybe 3 at the most so get it while we have it. We may not have some for a while after this batch although we are working on a way to sell more pork so that we can keep getting more bacon in for the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read these newsletters, we hope you find them useful and informative. We hope you are all enjoying the summer and as always we thank you for your custom and support. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Richard and Tina.


Brookhill Farm LLC   Richard and Tina Boutall 859-567-4858


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